Newtown CT, guns, Second Amendment and defending YOUR house

Newtown CT, guns, Second Amendment
and defending YOUR house

What can we learn from the Newtown, CT gun tragedy? Does the Second Amendment still apply in the same way it did during the 18th century? What about your right to defend yourself from tyrannical government? Listen in as we discuss this and more in our final Where in DC video of the year!

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  1. Chuck says:

    Thank you for your thoughts on guns. I agree with you “if and when” we all solve the problem of government intrusion which we have no more honest government now than when we left England in the 1600. We also have to solve the problem of human nature such as hate and one wanting what another has and is willing to kill for it. I for one am for beating swords into plowshares and ending violence. We are not there yet if you just open your eyes and look around you. Our problem now is if yo convince all of the good people to give up their guns as a means of protection just my the nature of the word “criminal” those people won’t. You need only look at recent history let alone Nazi Germany, Russia and keep going back even to early China when martial arts was developed using farm implements to protect themselves from those who had swords. We have so many laws on the books that are not enforced for people who use guns or anything else to kill with. They are not enforced. What if that crazy person had gone into the schools with a sharp sword and beheaded all of the children and teachers. What then? A person I know was showing homes and was beaten to death and left in a closet with a baseball bat. What do we do about that? He was never caught. Had she had a means to defend herself she would be here today. You will never have a solution as long as you don’t treat the cause. It is not guns any more than it is baseball bats. It is not punishing severely those who commit these crimes. Isn’t the USA great that we can express our opinions.

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    and defending YOUR house.

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