"WARNING: If you own a home worth more than $250,000 and you're severely underwater and considering just "letting it go"....

Don't Make The Million Dollar Mistake!!

Dear luxury home owner,

Thousands of luxury homeowners who are severely upside down in their mortgages are considering what is called a "strategic default". In other words, instead of paying their outrageous mortgage with little to no value left it in their home...they're choosing to let it go.

If this describes you, then please read every word of this letter.

This is a huge mistake that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars, years of hard ache and a countless number of irreversible problems that you don't want to deal with.

My name is Brian Gormley, and I'm an attorney and real estate broker here in the Greater DC-Baltimore area. I've helped dozens of home owners like you avoid the costly mistake of a strategic default.

More and more luxury homeowners with properties worth more than $500,000 are jumping on the ‘strategic default’ bandwagon, thinking they're 'doing the right' thing by cutting their losses and just letting the bank have a severely underwater house. This is a BIG mistake.

I've put together a free report that will reveal to you some simple solutions to help avoid foreclosure, keep your dignity and most of all, save you thousands of dollars.

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Talk soon,
Brian Gormley


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