This is a weekly video series with Short Sale Expert/Attorney/Broker Brian Gormley discussing tips, tricks, and general observations in the real estate market with special emphasis on short sales.

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Fannie Mae throws more obstacles into short sales

Tuesday – Sept 24, 2013
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Update on foreclosure defense

GSE Reform

Sign right up for your $300 foreclosure check

Demise of short sales and ATC

Short sale banks break the law all day long

Auction.com is destroying short sales!

TOPA and short sales can make YOU a millionaire

Why internet marketing works so well in short sales

Banks’ secret weapon: the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Of sequestration and AG settlements

How can single points of contact help you in short sales

HAFA or half a short sale

How to get a short sale approved

Investor update – deed restrictions on short sales!

Fannie Mae Refuses to Do Short Sales

2013 Updates To the Short Sale Hardship Letter

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness in 2013

Newtown CT, guns, Second Amendment and defending YOUR house

Black Friday, Retail Sales & Fiscal Cliff

Timeline for Fannie Mae Foreclosures and Deficiency Waivers

Effect of Obama 2 on housing and short sales

What every seller wants in a short sal

How rent to own could help YOU?

It’s now officially a seller’s market – or is it?

Killer Marketing Tips

There are NO short sales in Virginia Beach!

Maryland Foreclosure defense – do homeowners have any hope?

Current on your mortgage – Do a short sale – HAFA2 New FHFA Short Sale Guidelines

When would you EVER file bankruptcy over a short sale?

What can Michael Phelps and the Olympics teach us about real estate

How to get $200,000 and only pay back $2500 in a short sale

Why WOULDN’T you do a short sale ???

The housing recession is over – and no more short sales

Will Obamacare cause a double dip housing recession?

Will Congress let the tax exemption for short sales expire this year?

Are YOU on the Freddie Mac short sale blacklist?

Why are many luxury homes now short sales?

A day in the life of a short sale representative at Bank of Citi of Fargo

Negotiating short sales and how to never change a dirty diaper again

How to sell a property fast

How many foreclosures and REOs to expect in the coming months

Short sale story ? shower in the closet!

Walk away and owe nothing on your house or short sale

Ants in your pants!

Business Credit Opportunity

Wells Fargo FHA Short Sales

Goldman Sachs meltdown!

$25 billion robo signing settlement deal

Foreclosure defense strategies

How to get a loan mod in 16 days

Hardship in a short sale

Commercial short sale opportunities

Occupy DC

Bank of America short sale success story

Bank of America short sale hypocrisy

Guaranteed deficiency waivers on BOA short sales

Social media marketing for short sales

Happy holidays from capitolshortsale

Why do some neighborhoods go down in value while others appreciate

How to stop a foreclosure

How to find out what investor owns the loan on your short sale

Occupy Wallstreet, Republican Primaries

What is a securitization trust and why is it important in a short sale

Strategic default and short sales – follow up

How to get a Bank of America short sale approval in 15 minutes

What is FHFA and how does it relate to short sales?

Strategic Defaults and Short Sales

Rent to own and short sales

Latest Bank of America short sale addendum

Foreclosure defense and Maryland Mediation Statute

Are you ready for some rehabbing (and football)?

Reasons for loan modification denials

Bank of America modifies short sale procedures

MARS Update – Humble Pie

Attempting a loan modification in lieu of a foreclosure or short sale

MARS disclosures in a short sale

Is it short sale fraud to influence the BPO in a short sale?

Underwater mortgage Underwater Brian!

A few thoughts on the free iPad givewaway and the S&P downgrade of US debt

One way to get buyers to stick on a short sale

PHIFA compliance for real estate investors in Maryland

Credit Impact of Short Sales

Tax implications of a short sale

Are we headed for a double dip recession?

Can MD real estate agents negotiate short sales?

BoA part 2

Deficiency judgments

Negotiating second liens in short sales

Mortgage insurance in short sales

BoA part 1

Short sale escalations

Short sale-Deed in lieu of foreclosure eligibility

Tax and “other” liens

Process of a Short sale