Will Obamacare cause a double dip housing recession (and more short sales)?

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Will Obamacare cause a double dip housing recession
(and more short sales)?

Obamacare: love it or hate it, it’s here to stay, so says the Supreme Court.
But what effect will it have on housing? Listen in as we discuss some of the
finer legal points of the decision, as well as pontificate on some of the
economic and policy implications as well.

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  1. MannyEspaillat says:

    That is the Regal movie theaters in Rockville!!

  2. Sorry Brian Gormley – your reasoning about buying health insurance costing consumers more money and therefore reducing dollars available to buy insurance – and thereby reducing future appreciation – is flawed.
    While rational people will consume more health care, and spend more money on health care if they have more money – they will not neccessarily spend less if then have less disposable income. People get sick without regard to their finances.
    Also, the fact that more people are spending money on health insurance – it does not mean that more money is being spent on health care. The fact is that hospitals and doctors get stuck with $1000s in unpaid bills each year. The Republicans championed the Individual Mandate as the most responsible way to require all people to carry insurance. All of us have bodies, and all of us need to recognise that they need to be taken care of.
    The bill does many things to ensure better outcomes for the dollars spent. Requiring coverage for prentative care will reduce costs, covering contraception reduces costs, requiring insurance companies to spend a greater proportion of their income on services reduces costs.
    Sorry, the market approach to anlyzing health care is simply pathetic and not of any realistic consequence. What about the argument that people can spend more on housing if they are not scared of being made bankrupt by a devasting illness?

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